CitiPower (PowerCor), Market St, Melbourne

PowerCor Australia engaged B2B to provide high-end corporate project and construction management for a nine-floor office refurbishment.

Contract Value: Undisclosed
Duration: Programme forecasted at approximately 13 months

Download the project profile here

2015_Powercor_30 2015_Powercor_28 2015_Powercor_13 2015_Powercor_11 2015_Powercor_7 2015_Powercor_6 2015_Powercor_2 citipower12 citipower11 citipower10 citipower9 citipower8 citipower7 citipower6 citipower5 citipower4 citipower3 citipower1 citipower2

Category: Previous Projects


Construction / Design / Maintenance

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