B2B Site Inductions

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all our employees, contractors and visitors alike.

Rapid Global

Our B2B staff, worker & visitor inductions are conducted through external induction system ‘Rapid Global, covering significant details regarding working on a B2B managed site inclusive of safety modules, process modules & daily sign in/sign out.

It is to note that ALL staff & contractors alike must complete individual induction modules that highlight safety/process measures while onsite with B2B, upload all individual documentation (ie. Licences, white cards & other trade specific documents) & MUST have a company registered within the B2B Rapid portal (all company licences/accreditations/SWMS etc are pre-approved prior to works commencing).

Prior to the start of works a B2B administrator will issue a company profile link via email to the contractor of which will require:

  • Company name &  relevant ABN
  • Company PCBU contact details inclusive of email address, telephone number.
  • ALL relevant company WHS safety documentation (specific to each trade)
  • ALL relevant company trade licences uploaded
  • ALL relevant company SWMS uploaded

Sample email

Upon receiving these, B2B will approve the items provided that they are relevant & within date (12 month period).

Once approved workers will then repeat this process on an individual basis prior to commitment of works onsite – B2B will again issue a link via email to do so for each individual intended to be working onsite. The works must:

  • Specify personal contact details – name, telephone number & email address
  • Upload ALL forms of identification specified
  • Upload relevant white card
  • Specify any allergies or health conditions B2B must be aware of while worker is in our care
  • Complete the B2B WORKERS INDUCTION safety module – Please work through the induction at your own pace and pay close attention the information presented. It shouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes to complete

If assistance is required please do not hesitate to contact a B2B administrator or a B2B project manager to assist.

Upon completion you will receive a certified profile which will be valid for 12 months.

Rapid Global automatically requests renewed licences & documentation after the 12 month period & will notify you to take action when required.

Signing In/Out Daily:

Individuals registered with Rapid Global MUST sign in & sign out when on a B2B site daily – Please follow link here to do so.

We also encourage visitors to sign in via our induction space in order to promote a holistically safe environment. Please follow link here to do so.